Our Services


30 Minute Walk


Our 30 minute walk is perfect for pups who need a quick break while their owners are at work or as part of a multiple drop-in package. All walks include picture updates, food and water refreshed, and lots of love!


45/60 Minute Walk


Our 45/60 minute walk is perfect for high energy pups or those that need a longer break while their owners are away. We recommend at least one longer walk for multiple drop-in packages when owners are traveling. 

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Drop-In Visit


Our 30 minute drop-in includes a potty break, playtime, and food and water refreshed. As always, picture updates and lots of love are included! Longer drop-ins available by request. 

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Almost Overnights


You and your pets can rest easy with the almost overnight service! It is composed of a 1.5 hour extended visit in the evening and a 30 minute morning visit. This is a great way to keep your pets' routine consistent in the comfort of their own home.

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A team member will stay in your home from 9pm to 7am, and includes morning/evening walks, feeding, and any other special instructions you might have for us. (Morning, midday, and evening walks are included.)


Pet Taxi

Don't have time to take your pet to the vet or groomer? We offer pet taxi services for pick-ups and drop-offs, or a team member can stay throughout the appointment. Price is based on time and distance.

All of our services are booked and managed through our online client portal. Existing clients can access the portal by clicking the teal Book buttons above. New clients can create a portal account by clicking the grey button at the top of the page. 

Complementary meet and greets are included for all first time services!

Additional fees may be incurred for:

Puppies <1 year

Additional Pets


Extended Hours

*All of our services include photo updates and lots of love. Please note that prices listed are starting prices per dog and are subject to change to fit your specific needs.